Razor Side Mount System 2.5 Complete


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The Razor Side Mount System 2.5 Complete is an integrated system designed specifically for side mount diving. It can be used for both cold water diving with Drysuits and Steel tanks and warm water diving with Wetsuits and Aluminium tanks.

The Complete Razor System has the following components:

  • Razor Harness 2.5
  • Redundant BAT Wing 2.5
  • T Weight System
  • Universal Spares Kit
  • Spare Side Mount Bungee
  • 2 x Double Ender for the Expandable Side Mount Pouch 2.5
  • Expandable Side Mount Pouch 2.5

Each component of the system was specifically designed to compliment and work with every other component of it.

Using the Razor Side Mount System (RSMS):

Getting the right equipment and configuring that equipment correctly is very important but it is only half the story. The other half of the story is training. 

Getting proper training from an Instructor that is experienced with the Razor Side Mount System, will be invaluable, and allow divers to maximise their safety, enjoyment, and efficiency underwater.