Scubapro Air 2 5th Generation


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The Scubapro AIR 2 5th Generation is the current unit launched by Scubapro, with history of this going back to almost thirty years ago. Now in its 5th generation, the AIR2 (short for Alternate Inflator Reg) offers even more in both performance and ease of use.


The Scubapro AIR 2 5th Generation delivers air as smoothly as with other primary second stages. The flexible purge cover is large and easy to locate, allowing for quick clearing when necessary. This latest model comes with a new dive/pre-dive switch that lets you tune the regulator when not in use, therefore eliminating free flows.

Unlike the convectional octopus that always dangles and floats around, the Scubapro AIR 2 is always within reach. When is an out of gas situation, you pass the primary over to the recipient, and reach for your Scubapro AIR 2, and it is time to call off the dive.