Scubapro Chromis

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The Scubapro Chromis Dive Computer is a watch sized multi-sport dive computer that is at home 30 m underwater on Nitrox or counting lengths in a pool. Lightweight polymer casing is robust but never cumbersome so you can wear this to the gym or comfortably on the plane to your diving destination.

Large Clear Display has been specially designed to have razor sharp digits that are easy to read at a glance. The Chromis can be worn as an everyday watch with a full range of timekeeping functions from dual-time for travelling divers to an alarm clock and a stopwatch. Swim Mode has a patented stroke counter that you can calibrate to either simply count strokes or calculate distance covered. Scuba, Gauge and Apnea Modes collect all of the data of your dives, whether you are on SCUBA, free diving or you need to disable the decompression algorithm for advanced diving.

ZHL8 ADT MB Algorithm was designed to reduce the formation of micro bubbles in your tissues for a safer dive every time. In the settings you can adjust the conservatism to your requirements to tailor the algorithm to either take up less nitrogen or off-gas faster depending on your setting and dive profile.

Compression Compensating Strap continues to grip your wetsuit as your descend so the computer won’t come loose as your wetsuit compresses at depth.

Four Button User Interface is intuitive to use and each button is clearly marked for it’s functions on the bezel. Cycle quickly backwards and forwards through menus to change settings and recall information.


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Black, White, Full Black ( SGD 80), Orange, Lime, Deep Blue ( SGD 80)


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