Scubapro G2


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The Scubapro G2 (Galileo) is a wrist-style computer that comes with plenty of new features, with full colour screen options. Divers have the ability to use as much or just some of the technology of this powerful unit to their preference. The Scubapro G2 is suitable from new to advance technical divers.

It is easy to read with a choice of 4 colour screens, you can find what you want to instantly underwater. The 3 buttons control design, makes it extremely easy to operate, with its incredible intuitive menu navigation. The Scubapro G2 is also known to be the easiest computer to use!


Number of Gases: 8

Gas Capability: 21-100% Nitrox, or Trimix

Algorithm: ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG

Operating Modes: CCR, Freediving, Gauge, and Scuba

Display Type: Colour Screen

Maximum Operating Depth: 120 meters

Memory Capacity: 485 MB

Depth Rating: 120 meters

Battery Replacement: Rechargeable

Estimated Battery Life: Up to 50 hours per charge

Number of Buttons: 3

Connectivity: Bluetooth & USB

Digital Compass: Yes