Scubapro Galileo Sol with Polar Heart Rate Belt

$ 1,475.00


Loaded with computing, navigation and personalisation features you can’t find anywhere else, wrist-mount dive computers simply don’t get any better than this. The ultimate SMART dive computer, the Scubapro Galileo Sol offers state-of-the-art technology and advanced features you just won’t find on other wrist-mount computers.

The Scubapro Galileo Sol features hose-less air integration, it can handle three nitrox mixes up to 100 percent O2, it comes with a heart rate monitor that also measures skin temperature, and its algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time (RBT) and incorporates Profile Dependant Intermediate Stops, all of which respond directly to your personal physiology to increase your underwater efficiency and add layers of safety to your diving.

The Scubapro Galileo Sol’s integrated heart rate monitor incorporates your heartbeat into the workload and then tailors the decompression calculations to your dive. SCUBAPRO is also the only dive computer manufacturer in the world that accounts for the effect of increased workload on human physiology during a dive. Through this technology you get the safest no-stop and decompression stop calculations available, even under the most demanding diving circumstances.


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