Scubapro Mantis M1

$ 675.00

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The Scubapro Mantis Dive Computer is leading the way with an interactive algorithm that changes with your Heart Rate. This Watch sized dive computer paired with the optional Heart Rate Belt will tailor your decompression to how hard your body is working for the most personal decompression algorithm out there.

Technical Information:

Targeted to recreational and technical divers as well as CCR divers and free divers.
Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm accommodates three gases (21-100% O2).
PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) calculates an intermediate stop based on N2 loading, current and previous dives and breathing mixes for safer diving.
Micro-bubble levels let you adjust the level of conservatism in the algorithm to match your experience level, age and physical conditioning.
Optional heart rate monitor records heartbeat and skin temperature (with SCUBAPRO HRM Belt only) that can be factored into the decompression calculation along with Casing is built from the highest marine grade 316L stainless steel with a two-toned brushed finish that both protects and looks great.
Magnetic control buttons eliminate the need for holes, maintaining the casing’s watertight integrity and maximising mechanical reliability.
Great for free diving.


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