Scubapro MK17 EVO S600 Regulator

$ 820.00

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This is the highest performing combination of the Scubapro dry sealed regulator series. Common purchase of serious exploration/tech divers who wants the highest performing cold water regulator by Scubapro. The MK17 EVO non swivelling 1st stage is commonly purchased by staunch tech divers who do not agree with the swivelling turret concept, being an extra failure point.

Diaphragm-based first stages are environmentally sealed so that water cannot enter the inner mechanism. Bearing in mind that regulators generate temperatures up to minus 30°C due to the incredibly fast moving air and the pressure drop involved, it is imperative that sensitive moving metal parts avoid contact with extremely cold water.

Therefore, diaphragm first stages have been the favoured choice of cold-water divers and those working in contaminated or muddy water.

S600 Second Stage
A second stage regulator must translate natural breathing behaviour into mechanical reality. A high quality second stage can significantly reduce stress and enhance diver safety by providing smooth, low-effort breathing response, resulting in ample yet controllable quantities of air.


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