Scubapro Side Mount Regulator Kit

$ 1,865.00

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Finally the answer to all Side Mount divers who have been waiting for a while! Get this Scubapro G260 Side Mount Regulator Kit, and save the hassle of buying wrong hoses, or the trouble of finding couplings, and other unnecessary headaches.

Offering effortless air delivery and outstanding reliability, this is the go-to air delivery system for cold water or technical diving. There’s no better example of solid first stage performance in all water temperatures than the MK25 EVO.

Teamed with the venerable G260, this system can be relied upon to deliver top-of-the-line performance in the most extreme conditions.

Kit contains:

Two MK25 EVO DIN 300
Two G260
Two Compact Gauges
Two HP hose 20 cm
LP hoses: 20cm (x2), 64cm (x1), 200cm (x1)
BPI quick coupling x 2
LP hose elbow x 1
Regulator Necklace x 1
Plug x 2