Scubapro Synergy 2 Trufit Mask


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The Scubapro Synergy 2 Trufit Mask features a new generation silicone, that is extremely soft and uses 2 skirts for creating a comfortable water tight sealing effect. The outer silicone is made from a firmer silicone, that provides support and rigidity, and can be identified by the unique ribbed texture.

It also features Ultra Clear glass technology, that provides a bright and clear view while diving. The extremely popular Mirrored lens version, allows you to dive glare free, yet look cool while diving!

The Scubapro Synergy 2 Trufit Mask also features a buckle system mask strap, that can be removed, and allows the mask to fold really flat that saves space for traveling.

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Mirrored ( SGD 16), Black/Red, Black/Silver