Seac Sub Modular BCD


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Seac Sub Modular is the latest back inflation BCD from Seac Sub. It comes with comfort paddings on the back, shoulders, and waists. Quick adjust straps, optional crotch strap, weight pockets, and dual cam buckles assures the diver stability, so you can focus on having fun during diving!Backplate and wings systems might look uncomfortable to some divers, but we can never disagree that a rigid backplate offers the maximum stability as compared to soft backpacks. The travel light backplate is covered with comfort paddings on the back, shoulder straps, and waist, and therefore the Seac Sub Modular is definitely comfortable. The webbing is made out of a soft yet sturdy material, and holds both the diver and BCD in place as a whole.Seac Sub Modular has no sizes at all, and will fit all body shapes perfectly. This is made possible by the pull down shoulder strap design, and also features a chest strap. Crotch strap holds the system securely down in place, and is now an optional option that comes with the Seac Sub Modular. Weight pockets are secured as close to the backplate at the sides. Divers can also clip accessories on the the chest D-Rings that are made out of lightweight aluminium.The wing is capable of lifting a 13.5 L steel cylinder, in a convectional single cylinder scuba diving setup. A Condura external shell covers the denier nylon internal bladder. The Seac Sub Modular also comes with 2 Cam Buckles that are made out of lightweight material, and secures the cylinder well due to the inbuilt tank adaptor on the backplate.Singapore Customers: Cash and carry at our store for a further discounted price. Valid only for products on non-promotional prices.