Surface Tension Infinity BCD

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Surface Tension Infinity is designed to be the ultimate single tank diving system. New for 2019 (Version 7.2) is the quick buckle design, that allows divers the ease of adjustment of both the waist and crotch strap. Each socket is designed with withstand 60 kg of force, yet it is so easy to buckle up for the dive!The Surface Tex ™ fabric is made of 1682 Denier Nylon, that is extremely light weight, and comes in many different style of colours. It is water repellant, and dries very quickly when the diver gets back on land. The wing attaches to the backplate using a patent pending system, that removes the need of bolts and wing nuts, that are commonly misplaced by divers.The corrugated hose is not overly long or too short, even when used with safe second mechanisms. YKK zippers are used on the shell, that protects the inner bladder that can be replaced in case of a puncture.Ergonomic shoulder pads made of tough foam provides comfort when using the system. Unlike convectional bare webbing that tend to cause skin abrasions around the neck area, the ergonomic shoulder pads are also designed to spread out the load comfortably on the shoulders. 3M Solas reflective tape are installed to reflect light in case of emergency when dark.JIS standard aluminium backplate ensures the toughest corrosion resistance against sea water, and also a stable platform on the diver’s back. An adjustable crotch strap provides a stable heads up floatation on the surface, and prevents the system from riding over the diver underwater.Additional weight pockets, utility pockets, can be purchased separately. We stock generally 18 lbs for use with aluminium cylinders that becomes positively buoyant towards the end of the dive. Glide efficiently underwater with this narrow profile, and have fun flaunting you favourite colour on dive trips!

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Camo Blue V7.2, Camo Red V7.2, Camo Purple V7.2, Camo Green V7.2, Matte Grey V7.2, White V7.2, Yellow V7.2, Pink V7.2, Gloss Black V7.2, Orange V7.2, Ivy 2019 V7.2, Steel Blue 2019 V7.2, Turquoise 2019 V7.2, Azure 2019 V7.2