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Suunto launched the highly anticipated Suunto D5, that is a watch-sized dive computer that is designed specially for recreational divers. The Suunto D5 enables the diver to effortlessly log and share their adventures digitally. It also features the clever quick release system, that allows you to change the straps easily. You can now transform from your colour coordinated Suunto D5 to a classic post-dive timepiece, and do not have to be locked down to the colour that you purchased!Suunto D5 is a versatile dive computer that comes with modern features like a digital logbook, exchangeable straps, re-chargeable battery and updatable software. The dive information is easy to read and see on the clear colour screen with LED backlight and vibration and sound alarms assist you in tracking safety-critical information.You can choose from any of the 4 diving modes, namely: Air, Nitrox, Free Dive and Gauge. The Suunto D5 also features a digital compass, that aids navigation underwater with convenience. With the addition of a Suunto Tank POD (purchased separately), the Suunto D5 will then be able to track and display tank pressure, gas consumption, and remaining air time.The Suunto D5 is the first Suunto dive computer that is compatible with the Suunto app, which was launched earlier this year. The Suunto app works as a digital logbook for your dives.Once you have paired your Suunto D5 with the app, the dive logs are transferred automatically to the mobile via Bluetooth. In the app you can view your dive data including maximum depth and bottom temperature and relive your dives by exploring your dive profile.You can visualise your adventures by adding photos and share them with comments with your friends in the app or post to social media!

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