Zeagle F8 Diving Regulator


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Zeagle regulators became popular back when cave divers are using the Flathead 6. Superior hose routing for back mount doubles, a fully environmentally sealed design, and an extremely tough body that could take the abuse of cave diving, are some reasons why the Flathead series is Zeagle’s most popular regulators.

Zeagle F8 is the latest evolution of the Flathead series! With both Zeagle and Atomic Aquatics being under Huish Outdoors, a partnership was formed between both companies to develop the Zeagle F8. The end result of this partnership is a regulator that breathes better, works harder, and last longer that any other Zeagle regulators made.

The 1st stage features a dry sealed spring chamber, so that all delicate parts, and main spring are not exposed to salt water or other contaminants in the water. It also features a very low profile body that barely extends above the tank valve. High performing dry seal systems are usually much heavier, but we are amazed at how light and short this unit actually is.

Hose routing for back mount doubles is excellent with the diaphragm both facing inwards, and hoses routed downwards on top of the wing. Back mount singles hose routing is excellent too with the Octopus or Back Up Regulator hose not interfering with the valve.

The 2nd stage is light weight and comes with an improved exhaust valve, that lowers exhalation effort. Super soft silicone diaphragm improves response in breathing. The heat sink has a large surface area, that assists in heat exchange in cold water, to prevent freezing along with cold water discipline of the diver. With compliments of Atomic Aquatics, the seat saving orifice extends the life of the breathing tube seat.

The Zeagle F8 Regulator features a much greater reliability and service life compared to convectional designs, while improving responsiveness and breathing performance. It comes with a 2 years servicing or 200 dives service interval.

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