Aquatec SW-03 Scuba Diving 180 Swivel Connector


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Increased Comfort of Second Stage Regulator.

Helps Prevent Second Stage Pulling from Mouth when Head Turns.

Chrome Plated Marine Grade Brass.

Corrosion Resistant.

replacements including o-rings, steel ball.

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This handy little connector is great for reducing jaw stress, which some people report comes as a result of difficulty between their hoses and second stage regulators. With this swivel connector, you can comfortably turn your head without experiencing resistance from your hose. Many people have also used it for their octopus, making it easier to share air with a buddy. Easy to attach, this swivel piece could make your next dive a little more enjoyable by reducing tension with your regulator.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • 180 degree regulator.
  • For scuba First Stage regulator use.
  • Thread: male and female both 3/8×24″.
  • Surface Treatment: Chrome Plated Brass & Flash Finishing.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
  • ⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec


  • After each use, must be rinsed with fresh water.

Warranty Period

  • From the purchase of one year from the date of the product warranty.
  • Normal operating circumstances, the non-human damage, the company must ensure that free maintenance.


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