DIR Zone Ring 14 Light Standard Alu System


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The DIR Zone Ring 14 Light Standard Alu System is the lightweight version for divers who are looking for sturdy, durable and travel-friendly systems from DIR Zone. The Ring 14 Light system is used for diving with a single steel 12L or aluminium 80 cft cylinder. This is an ideal set-up for diving in neoprene suits in the tropics or warm water diving.


The DIR Zone Ring 14 Light Standard Alu System’s wing also comes with inbuilt channels to hold the cylinder, therefore eliminating the need to use a Single Tank Adaptor. 


DIR Zone stands out from the competition, as being a fully made in Europe system, without the hefty price tags to cover marketing expenses. Every single component of the system is made in Europe, with extremely strict quality control to adhere to both EN and CE standards.




This is the lightweight version of the famous RING wing for diving with a single cylinder. The same double-shell construction as the Heavy Duty version, but the cover is made of lighter material Cordura 1000. Made in Europe.




The inflator mechanism is made from a lighter material – high-quality techno-polymer and is manufactured in Italy.


Cam Buckles:


These come in a pair are also made from high-quality techno-polymer. This allows the cam buckles to be extremely sturdy, durable while being travel friendly in terms of weight. Made in Europe.


Dural Backplate:


Hard anodised aluminium of 3 mm thickness with PA harness, stainless-steel D-rings and stoppers, stainless-steel buckle, crotch strap, buoy pocket and pocket with knife. Backplate is made of aluminium alloy resistant to saltwater, with edges bevelled on a NC cutter. Made in Europe.


Backplate Storage Pack:


Designed for placing a buoy or a lifting bag between the backplate and diver´s back. Stainless-steel screws for attaching the pocket to the backplate are included. Made in Europe.

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