Mares Avanti Pure Diving Fins


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Designed for both Scuba Divers and Snorkelers who are looking for a pair of diving fins, without the need to wear boots, yet not get blisters that is common with closed heel diving fins. You can either go barefoot with this, or with a pair of neoprene low cut socks, or low cut boots.

Mares Avanti Pure comes with an extremely soft, and comfortable thermoplastic rubber foot pocket with anti skid soles at the bottom. The ergonomic heel cover minimises pressure on the achilles heel too!

The unique bungee retainer design allows more room for adjustments, rather than a fixed closed heel, where you need to go for usually the ‘tighter’ fit. For those who want to use a high cut diving boots, you can change out to the Mares Bungee Fin Straps (sold separately).

The blades are elastic techno polymer that allows for great thrust for its compact size. Definitely a pair of friendly, easy kicking diving or snorkelling fins. The toe area is open, and therefore will not run into a crunched toe situation.

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