Mares X-Vision Ultra Mask


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An innovative look in the Mares X-Vision Ultra Mask style with a unique and vibrant mix of new colours! New for 2016 is the X-Vision Liquid Skin ULTRA model, that comes in either Mirrored Yellow, or Mirrored Silver lens with a black body. The Yellow lens amplifies light underwater in poor light situation, whereas the Silver lens prevents glare from crystal clear water.

Like its predecessor it uses LiquidSkin silicone with the Mares Tri-Comfort system of small ribs between frame and skirt around the nose to absorb and redistribute pressure.

Mares have mixed two different types of silicone in an exclusive Bi-Silicone skirt system that has a firmer mix around the frame to hold shape and a soft section around the sealing section to fit your face perfectly. LiquidSkin is 45% softer and 270% more elastic compared to conventional silicone.


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