Problue BC-850 Ornata


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The Problue BC-850 Ornata is a hybrid Buoyancy Control Device that comes with a comfort back pad and a pair of shoulder straps. This amazing piece of gear has a lift capacity of 20-30lbs/ 9-14kg makes it suitable for both steel and aluminium tanks diving.


Its single tank diving system design allows for maximum compactness, a streamlined structure and a rugged build quality. It is made out of a heavy duty denier nylon 1000 external shell and denier nylon 420 PU inner bladder with bungee cord that promotes extreme durability.


It comes with a replaceable inner bladder and bungee cord that tightens the inner air cell to reduce bulk, easing the deflating of the BCD. The crotch strap holds it in place with diving and has a quick-release Delrin buckle in the front which promotes ease of wearing and removal both on land and in water. It also comes with 4 hard anodised aluminium D-Rings on the shoulder straps, 2 on the waist straps and 2 on the crotch strap as well as ditch-able trim weight pockets on both sides of the waist.


A pair of lightweight cam buckle straps ensures that the cylinder does not shift when engaged in diving activities and the friction pad holds it secure. Divers can enjoy a much more streamlined diving configuration with this BCD!

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