Problue BG-8553 Duffel Bag


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The Problue BG-8553 Duffel Bag is made out of a 420 Denier Nylon fabric that gives it a durable structure and has an internal side backed with PVC coating that allows it to be splashproof during transportation.

The main zipper is made out of the rustproof YKK Delrin Zippers which are renowned for their unparalleled toughness and durability. The main zipper also permits the use of small padlocks which can be useful during travels, allowing divers to safekeep their dive bags and protect their diving gear.

The Problue BG-8553 Duffel Bag comes with a 2 inch / 50mm wide support webbing on both sides that makes it easy to grip and handle, and the nylon D-rings installed on the bag allow for the customizable use of shoulder straps. 

The overall lightweight structure and durability easily make the Problue BG-8553 Duffel Bag a popular choice amongst divers and a better option against the conventional see-through mesh bags. 

Bag Dimensions: 72 x 40 x 37cm