Scubapro Aladin A2


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The Scubapro Aladin A2 is designed for advance and technical divers, who prefer a wrist-style computer for the compactness and convenience. These divers demand the kind of features and functions that are required in higher level of diving.

The Scubapro Aladin A2 can be worn as a daily watch too, as it have time keeping functions and Sports mode. Divers also have the ability to use a wireless air integration (sold separately), that monitors tank pressure along with true remaining bottom time.

Digital tilt compensated compass allows divers to navigate underwater and on the surface. Choose from the 6 dive modes including Trimix & CCR.


Number of Gases: 8

Gas Capability: 21-100% Nitrox, or Trimix

Algorithm: ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG

Operating Modes: CCR, Freediving, Gauge, Scuba, Sport, and Swim

Display Type: Black & White

Maximum Operating Depth: 120 meters

Memory Capacity: 50 hours (Estimated)

Depth Rating: 120 meters

Battery Replacement: By Trained Personnel

Estimated Battery Life: 3-5 Years/300-500 Dives