Scubapro Litehawk Diving BCD


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The Scubapro Litehawk Diving BCD gives you the freedom of movement. Designed for divers wearing minimal thermal protections, and wants a bulk-free, back-flotation BCD while cruising the crystalline waters of the tropics! 


This Diving BCD is ultra lightweight, ultra-slimmed-down design and soft, flexible backpack lays flat and compact for packing. The adjustable belt-style waist strap with nylon buckle can be cinched up snug, and the quick-release rotating shoulder buckles that let you route the straps under your arms, plus the two-position sternum strap, hug your body like the BC was custom-made for you.


With the tank secured by a lower primary tank band, an upper support strap and an adjustable yoke strap, the entire system locks in, ensuring a controlled, stable ride at depth. The BC carries no inherent buoyancy so only minimal ballast weight is required.


Consequently, the two non-ditching pockets can be used to carry accessories. Optional quick-release weight pockets are also available, and four aluminium D-rings provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear. Some divers will flip the weight pockets on the waist, so it becomes quick ditching just in case.

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