Scubapro Equator Diving BCD


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The Scubapro Equator Diving BCD was designed primarily for the traveling diver that needs a lighter BCD that is easy to pack. The 420 denier nylon and short backplate means that the Equator is certainly lighter than most standard BCDs but can fold up a lot smaller.


The Equator Diving BCD follows a standard all round lift bladder format that offers clear head up buoyancy whilst on the surface. The harness provides a comfort and snug fit that is helped by wide, padded shoulder straps, padded and mesh lined collar, swivelling quick release shoulder buckles and a mesh lined padded back pad.


The shoulder straps are fitted with two pre-bent d-rings on both straps. The harness is fitted with swivelling quick release buckles that allow greater freedom of movement. An adjustable chest strap helps to maintain a snug and secure fit. A standard velcro cummerbund and quick release waist buckle secures the front of the BCD. Each side of the BCD is fitted with a small D-ring, an Octopus pocket, a zipped pocket with pull toggle and a buckle style quick release weight pocket. The weight pouch is a hard backed design to allow the pocket to be slid into the BCD easily with a large composite zip to allow easy access to insert approximately 4 kg of weight into each pocket. The left hand side of the BCD is also fitted with pre-cut grommet holes to allow a BCD knife to be fitted.


The Equator is fitted with the Scubapro new Balanced Power Inflator which offers consistent inflation speeds regardless of depth or cylinder pressure, very much like a balanced regulator provides consistent performance. The BPI has inflate and deflate/oral inflation buttons and is linked to a shoulder dump valve for pull dump operation. The Equator also has a right shoulder pull dump and right kidney dump.


The Equator BCD is fitted with a short height rigid backplate that allows the BCD to be folded and packed into a much smaller space. In order to maintain cylinder stability a secondary strap is added above the main cylinder clamp. The two straps work together to keep the cylinder properly in line and transfer the weight of the cylinder to the hips rather than the spine. A quick set up strap is provided and the main cylinder strap is fitted with a standard cam clamp which is quicker to adjust than the Scubapro Cinch clamp when the diver needs to regularly change the straps to fit different diameter cylinders if travelling around.