Seac Sub Italica Asian Fit Mask


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The Seac Sub Italica Asian Fit Mask is an evolution of the popular Italia series. Seac Sub understood the need to cater to the Asian market, and reduced the nose pocket and internal volume of their mask, so as to fit asian facial features better.

Seac Sub Italica Asian Fit is a single lens mask, that comes in many colourful metallic coloured frames to fit the rest of your diving gears. The silicone is very high quality and features a raised edge design, so that it does not create stress on the skin while sealing it well. The frame is also very close to the eyes, that also brings the nose pocket closer, which makes equalising easier.

The silicone strap can be easily tightened even with thick gloves, and the buckle allows for some swivelling action, so that the mask strap do not cause discomfort to the ears. Mirrored lens reduces glare, yet improves contrast and colour visibility.

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Light Blue, Clear