Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Diving Regulator


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The Atomic Aquatics T3 is for divers who wants nothing but the best performing regulator on the planet. This product is not for everyone, but only for those who can be in the premium lane of regulators. This is the finest piece of scuba regulator one can own, with the absolute refinement in the finishing and built!

The T3 is the signature regulator of Atomic Aquatics, providing you with unprecedented reliability and performance. It breaths smooth, without pushing, or gushing air into your mouth unlike a competitor brand.

The Atomic Aquatics T3 sets a new standard for Titanium regulators, that are amazing light weight, corrosion free, and extremely easy to travel around with. You can also dive at exotics places where servicing is hard to find, as the T3 can push 300 dives with its tough inner components, with a 3 years servicing interval.

The Atomic Aquatic T3 uses a unique style of environmental seal, ensuring that it can be brought to slightly dirtier and colder water. It also only uses high grade Christo-Lube MCG 111 to prevent freezing as best as possible on a piston design.