Scubapro MK25T EVO S620 X-Ti Diving Regulator


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This is the ultimate top of the line diving regulator from Scubapro, that is ultra light and features Scubapro’s top regulator technology!

It promises years of trouble free use, while strictly adhering to diving regulator servicing schedule. The absolute best top notch premium diving regulator by Scubapro, that is a favourite of both recreational and technical divers.

The Scubapro MK25T EVO S620 X-Ti diving regulator has excellent resistance to freezing, superb inhalation sensitivity, and instant delivery of gas on demand.

The 1st stage – MK25T EVO is machined out from a single block of Titanium that will not corrode, even in concentrated salt water. Air balanced flow through piston that is unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.

The 2nd stage – S620 X-Ti is a much improved version of the renowned S600, that is now smaller, lighter, and delivers effortless flow under all diving conditions.

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